Who is Koda UK CYF?

behind the scenes here at KODA UK


Hey! We’re not your typical design and marketing crew. We’re a tight-knit bunch of creative minds who live and breathe design and marketing

(seriously, we dream in pixels and headlines!).

What sets us apart?

We’re all about flexibility. You’ll
often find us in our pyjamas, working from home in our cosy nooks, but we also love
getting together at some swanky co-working spots to brainstorm and chat with our
awesome clients.

Whether it’s a virtual high-five or a face-to-face coffee, we’re always excited to make magic happen. Let’s design, create, and conquer together! 

Goal Orientated

At the heart of our approach lies a relentless commitment to your goals. We believe in aligning every aspect of our web development, graphic design & social media marketing services with your business’s unique objectives. Your success story fuels our drive & defines our purpose.

Target Driven

We map a journey toward your ultimate goals by embracing the interim targets you share. These milestones guide our web development & social media strategies, making the process engaging & effective in helping your business thrive.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We take a collaborative step-by-step approach to reach those targets you set.
Our strategies are finely tuned at each stage, ensuring your goals are met & exceeded, while keeping you engaged
& informed throughout the journey.

We Keep It Simple

Our “Keep it Simple” process is all about clarity & effectiveness. We work together, breaking down your goals into achievable steps.
Our strategies follow this straightforward path, ensuring your success while keeping everything user-friendly & easy to understand.

Embracing Hard Work and Dedication

At our heart, we cherish the value of hard work & unwavering dedication. Our journey together is about transforming your goals into achievements through collaboration & step-by-step progress. 

Our “Keep it Simple” approach ensures every web development, graphic design & social media strategy is practical & easy to grasp. Your success fuels our friendly determination, inspiring us to create the best outcomes for you, one milestone at a time.

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Chief Creative Director, Team Manager & Pinterest Playmaker


Graphic & TikTok Content Designer


The Media Maestro & Blogger Extraordinaire


Web Developer & PPC Specialist

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