The Important Parts

  • All our packages are customisable (custom calculator coming soon)
  • Our packages are designed to fulfil the needs of most businesses, if your needs are different – just get in touch!
  • All prices are fully inclusive, meaning no added tax or fees. You can pay in full for the 3 months, or using installments.

Most importantly, don’t be shy!  Whether you are interested or unsure – fill out the contact form or drop us an email. We’re a friendly lot and would love to get together and see how we can help, not just to improve your current marketing, but to teach you the skills so that in the future you can do it yourself!

for 1st 3 Months


£400 £ 360 /monthly
  • 8 Static posts per month for up to 2 platforms
    5 Static posts and 2 Videos
  • Access to our Publer Scheduling account
  • Monthly Analytics summary to track progress


£900 £ 810 /monthly
  • Everything in the Discover Package
  • Targeted Engagement twice a week (replying to comments, liking & commenting)
  • 1 Hour of TikTok training, including inspiration, to help you become comfortable on screen
  • £30 of managed facebook ads


£1450 £ 1305 /monthly
  • 12 Static posts per month
  • 4 TikToks created and posted per month + TikTok training
  • Sharing posts on LinkedIn
  • Weekly engagement on all platforms
  • Pinterest Account setup and started, with pins matched to your brand.
  • Pinterest Account setup and started
  • Monthly Analytics summary to track progress
  • £70 of managed facebook ads

What If…

£2200 £ 1980 /monthly
  • All our Skills combined
  • Access to our ever growing video tutorials to help and inspire & empower you to be able to market your own business 😊
  • Regular reviews of youe website SEO strategy, with explanations of reports
  • Advertising Campaigns – Google/Facebook or other Paid advertising mangaed and maintained by us with 1 weeks per month paid by us
  • Plus a free 2 hour in-depth website consultation, to further improve & extend your online presence

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